Urological conditions have ailed mankind since the dawning of time. Circumcision and attempts to treat urinary stones are among the earliest surgical procedures. Urology as a medical specialisation has developed over the last two centuries.

The European Association of Urology, through its History Office has been tracing and documenting the origins of our field.

The museum has two main roles. First, telling the story of urology (in Europe) through the section History of Urology, highlighting some of the main protagonists in this story through Biographies. This is a work in progress, and by no means an exhaustive overview!

Second, the museum aims brings together the many disparate collections of urological instruments and artefacts that are in possession of the EAU History Office, its members and other collections. The Collections section of the Museum is an extensive database of these items. The Blog showcases individual items from the collections and tells the often personal story behind the items.

The EAU European Museum of Urology embodies a long-held wish: a museum that brings together the collections of urological instruments around Europe, and tells the visitor the story of urology. Join us for a journey into the past!